08 January 2007

Sights of the Holidays...

Top to bottom: a slice of the classic panettone for breakfast; candied oranges and lemons at the actor's place; mini gateau basque at the actor's (with Pernod...); Christmas cookies; Pandoro con crema di mascarpone (I made it from Angela's instructions over the phone for Christmas Eve).

To make the Christmas- tree shaped panodoro, do the following:
1. Make a recipe of the tiramisu cream
2. Slice a good quality pandoro cake into 3- 6 layers
3. Wet each cake layer with rum or a liqueur of your choice, spread some of the cream on and repeat until all layers are finished
4. Drizzle the top with some good- quality melted, bittersweet chocolate or alternately, dust the finished cake with icing sugar and adorn with some berries or other fruit
5. Have fun slicing it!


Blogger jenn said...

OMGosh that looks good!!!

10:14 PM  

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