08 December 2006

Happy Parcels 2006!

Miiiiiiiiii eccitamento!! This year I participated (quickly) in Fiordizucca's "Happy Parcels" gift exchange. I know I've been ignoring all my bloggerly duties of late, for good cause I would argue, but I thought I would participate in at least one thing that would raise my morale! Fiordizucca takes the addresses of all interested bloggers, swaps them randomly, and each blogger sends a parcel to the address he or she is assigned. This will take you right to the post with all the parcels that were exchanged... (English speakers scroll down)

Fiordizucca herself got my address, and I was lucky indeed! I had come home from school in a sour mood because of a comment a teacher had made to me, and lo and behold a brown paper package awaited! The exciting contents included: organic Japanese green tea, espresso coffee, Italian packets of leavener with vanilla, packets of saffron for risotto or frittata (I like using it when we make a "Spanish" frittata with potatoes, peas, red onion, capers and saffron), two types of curry powder, a package of green tea noodles (!!), a package of dried porcini mushrooms (which are very expensive in Canada), an Italian cooking magazine and a very sweet postcard with well wishes that displays a photo from Scotland where Fiordizucca once lived!

Thanks and kisses Fiore! Thanks for doing all the organization too--this put the spontaneity back into gift giving. I've tried the green tea already, I brought it to school on the day when I have 8 hours of consecutive classes--it kept me awake and has a lovely flavour. I've gone through the magazine as well and the pasta dishes look delicious and simple. I do look forward to trying out the more exotic ingredients as well. I'm a fan of Indian food but have never cooked it myself. Any suggestions anyone, for a first try?

I'm still crossing my fingers that the parcel I sent will arrive in Italy before Christmas...being a student I opted for the less expensive postal option but I hope the recipient understands :)

Merry Christmas and bundle up!



Blogger fiordizucca said...

Hi Kristina, I am surprised it reached you so quickly and in perfect conditions! :) I am really glad you liked it, let me know if you need help with the green noodles and the curries :)
hugs, kisses and thank you for partecipating! :)

5:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW!!! How fun!!!!! I'm envious ;) Sounds like a great package!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

1:41 PM  

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