25 September 2006

Wild flowers in a storm

Feeling cooped up in the apartment yesterday, with Antonio playing soccer, I decided to go out and rent a video. On the way I took a path through a forested ravine area and started noticing all these flowers along the path. Individually their colours didn't make a bold impression, surrounded by so much green and grey sky, but when I gathered them together in an impromptu bouquet, they looked stunning. I brought them into the video store where they seemed out of place and then walked them back home against some grainy winds, black skies and random drops of rain. Very thirsty by that time, I relieved them by giving them water, and now they are cheering up the apartment, and me, on our coffee table! I'm hoping they will inspire and encourage me through the stacks of readings that await me...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was just thinking to my last Indian Summer in Toronto, then I've received a call from Montreal from a company offering a job there...
So I thought... Why should you refuse a similar job in a country you love?
At the end I've seen your new post and I thought that it is time to be back in North America... Next month I'll be in the US, then I'll think to move to Montreal it is not a bad idea, isn't it?
The flowers are beautiful also outside Italy!
Good luck for your college!
And I hope to have time to fly to Toronto (if I found a flight from San Francisco....)


2:21 AM  
Blogger Kristina said...

Grazie Stefano! Mi puoi dare tuo indirizzo email quando mi scrivi di nuovo? Mia mamma' lo vuole.

10:08 AM  

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