14 August 2006

New Feature, Old Meme~

Sicilia 2006
Lemon Trees: Siracusa

Fellow bloggers and friends! I have added a new feature to my blog, taking a move or two from Orangette--I have compiled an index of recipes and other types of posts on my blog, so if you are looking for a particular recipe or type of dish, the link is underneath the Flikr photo badge, on the lower right side of the screen (you may have to scroll down). I will update it as I go, which will also be helpful to me, so I can see which recipes I should try more of!

And now I will respond to a long overdue meme, from Sam of
Sweet Pleasure, a very talented and creative sweet- maker!

From where do you obtain the recipes you prepare?

As I am fond of very simple cooking on a day to day basis, I usually make things that are healthful, heartwarming and delicious. What I cook will be based on what is in season, what is good value for the money and of course, what I desire! Usually I don't need recipes to do this--I will steam or boil and then saute vegetables with garlic and onion, bake them in the oven or eat them in salads. We also eat pasta combined with different sauces or vegetables for lunch as a first course. I now prepare fish quite simply, either baked, or broiled with a marinade. We often eat eggs and legumes in different ways as well. Both my mother and mother-in-law are great sources of know- how and inspiration. To help me along, I often refer to basic recipes from the 5 or 6 cookbooks that are my favourites. Sometimes when I feel like being more creative or giving our tastebuds a treat, or if I want to make something traditionally Sicilian for Antonio, I will flip through my favourite Italian and Sicilian cookbooks. I refer more and more to blogs these days as well, for inspiration, flavour combinations, and basic recipes that I can adapt to the ingredients I have on hand.

How often do you cook a new recipe?

Perhaps once a week or once every two weeks. While I love finding new vegetables and new dishes, I also enjoy adapting well- known recipes to the ingredients that I have or that are in season. I love making salads with different ingredients, or experimenting with different vegetables and sauces and cheeses for pasta. Every time I bake bread, I use different ingredients and it turns out different!I

Where do you store your favourite recipes?

One reason that I actually started this blog was to keep my favourite recipes organized--hence, my excitement at the new index! I also have a few stacks of cookbooks and magazines on a shelf in my kitchen, and a small, flowered recipe card box that my mom bought me before I got married so I could store all my scraps of recipes in there. In the box I also have a little plastic "paper holder" that my dad gave me, probably intended for notes or for typing, but convenient for preserving recipes from splashes of batter or worse!

How large is your recipe pile? Is it organized? If so, how?

Even though I am known as an organization freak in other areas of my life, my accumulation of recipes has not yet warranted extensive organization. My recipe card box is organized by category of course, though I had to change the cards to suit my recipes: breakfast, sweets, pasta dishes, second courses, vegetable and legume dishes, soups and eggs.

What is the oldest recipe in your "to try" pile?

Considering I began cooking for myself officially two years today (my 2 year anniversary!), though I did my share of baking and basic cooking before, my oldest recipe to try would theoretically be about 2 years old as well, since I clipped some recipes from magazines and stuck them in my box!

Are you ever going to make those recipes in your "to try" pile?

Probably not, my tastes have changed since I first got married and discovered the huge variation of "gourmet" vegetarian foods out there (as well as fish dishes)--I am not relying on the tofu/ tempeh dishes that I once ate frequently.

Do you follow a recipe exactly or modify as you go?

I usually modify every recipe that comes into contact with me! I now have the confidence to do this, which can only be aquired through experience--for instance, certain things in baking should not be tinkered with in order to achieve good results, however, something like a flavour can always be changed up, i.e. almond extract for vanilla, spices added in, elements added in like chopped nuts, etc.

What is one new recipe that you are scared to try?

I want to make these Sicilian "fritters," deep fried leavened dough eaten hot and doused in honey or sugar. I'm scared of three elements: that I will eat all of them, of the clean up time (a deep fryer is not pleasant to wash in a single sink), and the deep fry smell that lingers in our apartment for days on end!

Tag at least one new food blogger for this meme (new as in only blogging a few months).

Dani from The Italian Vegetarian

Tag at least one food blogger you visit regularly but never interacted with?

Jennifer from The Vegan Lunch Box

Tag at least one food blogger you constantly visit and leave comments.

Ivonne from Cream Puffs in Venice


Anonymous Ivonne said...

Grazie, Kristina!

First of all, great index. I'd like to do that eventually but I have no idea how to do it! Non-technical me ...

Happy belated anniversary!

As for the meme, thank you for tagging me. Your answers are great and I look forward to responding to the same questions.


11:03 PM  

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