31 July 2007

Italia Summer 2007--Beach at Alcamo Marina, Mountain Top Village of Erice

Italia Summer 2007-- Family, Friends and Food at Alcamo Marina

Cannoli Siciliani!

These cannoli are only made fresh and available on Sunday in Corleone, unless they are specially ordered. I don't think I have ever tasted such a delicious cannolo--probably one of the best uses for ricotta made from sheep's milk which is strongly flavoured and odourous. If cannoli are not eaten within hours of being filled the shell becomes less crunchy and delicious. Within the sweetened ricotta cream a few pieces of candied orange and lemon peels are hidden. The shells were so dark I suspect either cocoa or cinnamon were used. If you ever visit Corleone, do not leave without tasting one of these!

29 July 2007

Italia Summer 2007-Rome, Family, Agriturismo

Italia Summer 2007- Bridal Sonia, Ferry at Messina, Train to Agropoli

28 July 2007

Italia Summer 2007-Farm, Wedding, Corleone