26 February 2008

This Long, Long Winter.....

When will it all end? I'm seriously considering attempting to "fake and bake" to make up for a lack of sun. Certainly, we have over-compensated by cooking richer and more comforting food. A. has been doing most of the cooking since I'm usually busy planning lessons in the evening. I've switched schools--I now teach in the west end of city. I am also getting my feet wet teaching social science courses. Teaching Civics is a great opportunity to expose 15 year- olds to the social and political issues of our times.

Now..... to the foods! The top two photos show our first attempt at homemade pasta "handkerchiefs" served with the pesto below. It was delicious but we should have rolled the pieces even thinner. Next comes a salad with arugula, pears, parmigiano, pine nuts and balsamic vinegar. Finally, a black mocha cake with a raspberry filling and masked with dark chocolate ganache. Grappa was a perfect accompaniment!