02 February 2006

4 X 8 Meme from 'La Tavola'

4 jobs i've had

apprentice pastry chef
chocolate store girl

4 movies i could watch over & over

mamma roma
office space
facing windows
la vita e bella (for the kid)

4 places i've lived

little italy #1 (college west, toronto)
little italy#2 (st clair west, toronto)
perugia, italy (1 month)
corleone, italy (1 month)

4 websites i visit daily

chocolate and zucchini
my email

4 tv shows i watch

opening soon
david rocco's la dolce vita
c'e posta per te

4 favorite foods

good bread & butter
tart apricots
freshest ricotta

4 places i'd rather be

...sicily, in the burnt hills (actually anywhere in Italy)
in my red chair in the corner with a chamomile and a good book
lying in the sun outside (in the country or on the beach)
in the kitchen!

4 people i'll pass this on to

jaime at waterhalo
shay from blogspace
...haven't been blogging long enough
to know others to pass it to!


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