28 January 2006

Ieri Sera in giro: rice balls, calzone and chinotto

Of a friday night, we sometimes take a drive in the city. Last night, after driving through the trendy parts of town (Yorkville, College West, etc) which depress me because of the endless barrage of friday night hipsters, and because of the rush of concrete and corrugation and "in-ness" of downtown, I told A to drive somewhere more rusty. I like driving through working class neighbourhoods and forlorn, boarded up parts of the city, imagining all the living that goes on and all the stories that have ended. We turned into Commisso Bros & Racco Italian Bakery--which is more of a 24 hour hot table/ bakery/Italian convenience store, in a roughed up part of town. A got a fried calzone, I got a butter arancine (fried rice ball) and we shared a bitter chinotto. For dessert, two Baci Perugina! We ate from the paper bags in the car, turned the music up and cruised around--refreshing activities for a friday night!
I don't know if I got drunk from that chinotto, or whether it was all the simple carbohydrates, but in the end, I started acting stupid and singing really loud and giggling, and when we got home, we tucked right into bed (me wearing the softest, most cozy pj shirt ever invented) and had the most restful sleep that we both have had in a while-- maybe 10 whole hours!

The above photo is a picture I got from a Palermitano bakery that makes rice balls---mmmm, you really must try them!


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