26 January 2006

On Persephone's Island

Today I received my new copy of this book in the mail--I decided to order it after I read the library copy over many consecutive winter breakfasts and it lightened my heart. There are four seasons described in the book, from the perspective of a women who lives in Palermo and Alcamo, both close to where Antonio is from. In fact, Antonio's younger brother plays on the Alcamo soccer team...

This book was a dreamy yet substantial read for me because the author is an American women who moved to Sicily after marrying her husband who is from there, and her observations of the place are tender yet ever from the 'outsider's' perspective. I guess that the similarities are also obvious...

I also felt I would be aided by this book to explore more historical ruins and traditional festivals and foods, and different towns (and one particular pastry shop in Erice) when we next go to Sicily this June, and that when I visit different places, this text will be my poetic guide. I would like to write to the author, who in the summer time resides on her farm in Bosco, to ask her if I could visit the gardens and the land that I feel I already know so well! I have to work up the courage...


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