31 January 2006

Rosa's Torta al Cioccolato con Ricotta

This recipe is simple and delicious, in an age where complicated desserts steal the limelight! For those who appreciate the taste of a ricotta cream in a dessert, this is for you. I think it is worth the extra effort to find a good supplier of ricotta-- I found one called Centro Formaggio on St. Clair West, and sometimes when I am lucky, the ricotta is still warm! If you happen to have some homemade candied fruit or peels, put it between the layers. This is perfect for visitors or after a special meal.

-8 inch cake pan
-6 eggs
-1 cup vegetable oil
-1 cup sugar
-1 pouch of "lievito Bertollini" (with vanilla)
-1 cup flour

-2 containers (around 500g each) freshest ricotta
-sugar to taste
-vanilla and/or Grand Marnier to taste (optional)

-candied fruit (optional)
-bitter sweet chocolate q.b.
-brewed espresso q.b.

1-Beat the eggs with the sugar and then mix in the oil
2-Add the lievito and the flour, mixing just until smooth
3-Bake in a 350 F oven (moderate) until cake tester comes out clean (about 40- 60 min)
4-When cool, carefully slice cake into 3 layers
5-Cream the ricotta with the sugar until smooth
6-Fill the cake with the ricotta filling, adding candied fruit if desired
7-Melt the chocolate and thin it out using espresso
8-Glaze the top of the cake with the chocolate, letting it run down the sides in rivulets
9-Decorate with candied orange slices for a more elegant presentation

Note: I successfully cut the recipe in half, and baked it in a 6- inch pan with 3 inch sides--it makes a cake fit for the 2- person household.
~Enjoy with strong coffee!


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